Hi, I'm Viksit.

I’ve been fascinated by computers ever since I was 5 years old and played a (computer) game that allowed you to bounce a ball off a tea cup. Over the years, that fascination developed into a hobby which in turn became a profession.

I'm the founder of Solarplex - a a social platform that enriches online community experiences with gamification and blockchain-enabled ownership. Think of it as decentralized Reddit. We're lucky to be funded by some industry legends including Haystack, Audacious VC, Solana Ventures and a host of amazing angels including Anatoly Yakovenko (CEO at Solana), Devin Finzer (CEO at OpenSea), and others.

Till early 2022, I was at Dropbox where I led Product and Engineering strategy as part of the New Frontiers group. Previously, I've led Dynamo, Dropbox's new product incubator. Before that, I led Application Intelligence -- a collection of teams that work on applied machine learning, search quality, and content understanding.

Before Dropbox, I was the founder and CEO of Myra Labs, one of (if not the first) language model powered chatbot companies in 2016. It was funded by Floodgate, Fathom Capital, TechNexus, Haystack, and the Slack fund.

In the past, I was an early employee at a startup where I built search engines at web scale, worked on real time local search, databases and studied machine learning in humanoid robotics.

Somewhere along the line, I’ve developed a deep interest in music, international affairs, east european history, design and typography. I got into long distance running a couple of years ago – half marathons and under – after I randomly decided to run outdoors one day and realized I loved it.

This space serves to link to my various profiles online, as well as act as a medium for me to express my opinions on whatever it is that captures my attention.

The internet has done a great job capturing my actions over the years for posterity.

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